InContext Solutions Launches the Second-Generation of ShopperMX

InContext Solutions Launches the Second-Generation of ShopperMX

By Retail CIO Outlook | Friday, March 15, 2019

InContext Solutions, a Chicago IL-based leading provider of 3D-simulation software for retail, has launched its second-generation, decision-support platform, ShopperMX. The platform will help the retailers and manufacturers to gain a competitive edge over their counterparts in the ever-changing retail landscape.

The second generation of the ShopperMX platform provides a new backend infrastructure for increased scalability, an enhanced user interface for design and user functionality, and many other capabilities to improve collaboration and accelerate innovation. The new infrastructure of the platform offers the necessary requirements to improve content management, international accessibility, integration with third-party data systems, security, capabilities for specialty retail customers, and support for continued advancements in hardware.

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Many leading retailers and manufacturers have been using already the previous generation ShopperMX for the simulation of their in-store shopping experiences within a virtual store environment. The app also allows the retailers to test the simulation with real customers and activate with their retail partners and stores. Although the manufacturers and retailers have various unique needs from the ShopperMX platform, it provides support for numerous use cases such as packaging design, micro and macro space planning, trade promotions, display and signage fixtures, and many others. The platform ensures that the retailers and manufacturers have an adequate return on investment (ROI) through efficient elimination of risks, time-saving, and optimization of concepts to deliver incremental growth.

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The updated version of ShopperMX platform provides an enhanced user experience with an improved and flexible suite of tools and functionalities to enhance the capabilities of the software. The platform also offers an innovative technical pipeline that allows InContext Solutions to accelerate the development of new skills through internal solutions and partner ecosystems. ShopperMX also helps retailers in uncovering valuable market research insights and shopper data. It can also assist the retailers in understanding the popularity of particular merchandise or any in-store concepts, empowering them to make faster, smarter, more profitable go-to-market decisions.

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