Infrastructure-Free Store Associate Behavior Analysis

Infrastructure-Free Store Associate Behavior Analysis

By Retail CIO Outlook | Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Following technology adoption, the retail industry faces a lot of disruption, including changing customer behavior due to easily accessible technology. Thus, the growth of AI and IoT applications now allows retailers to acquire new technology applications. TDK Corporation is a Tokyo-based, Japanese leading electronics company. The wide range of passive components included in TDK includes ceramic, electrolytic aluminum and film capacitors, and high-frequency, piezo, and protective machines. The product range also includes temperature and pressure, magnetic, and MEMS sensors. TDK also supplies power and energy supplies, and magnetic heads.

InvenSense, Inc. is a global leader in MEMS sensor platforms that aims to integrate motion, sound and ultrasonic solutions in consumer and industrial areas. In February 2018, Chirp Microsystems acquired TDK from the InvenSense family. InvenSense has offices across the world, and the company is headquartered in San Jose, California.

In the fields of information and communication technology, and automotive, industrial and consumer electronics, TDK focuses on demanding markets. It has a network of design and manufacturing facilities and sales offices in Asia, Europe, North, and South America. TDK reported total sales of $12 billion during fiscal 2018 and had a global workforce of approximately 103,000.

In Coursa Retail, the world’s first infrastructure-free store solution for the in-store shoppers’ behavior analysis, TDK Corporation announces the launch of associate efficiency monitoring. Coursa's innovative approach eliminates the need for store-wide phones, dense wireless internet connections, cameras, and any other costly infrastructure methods so that hundreds or thousands of shops can scale quickly and economically.

The associate efficiency solution capabilities offer Coursa to allow retailers to monitor metrics such as the percentage of floor time versus backroom, visited aisles/departments by shift, inactivity, distance walked, and interactivity between associates and shoppers at meter level. Smartphone motion sensors like gyro and accelerometer and retail apps are used to gather in-store insights from shoppers and store partners on Coursa’s Mobile SDK and cloud analytics platform respectively.

The solution will be capable of identifying in-store missed conversions by tracking all products/categories visited by shoppers in-store. It can measure store performance by aggregating all shopper department and category traffic data through stores, improve offline attribution by tracking in-store shoppers to the shelf, improve personalization by recording a shopper’s entire walking path and category engagement across all store visits, and monitor associate efficiency by measuring levels of activity and by spending time in the storage.

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