Innovative Video Slots for Real Money Online Betting

Innovative Video Slots for Real Money Online Betting

By Retail CIO Outlook | Tuesday, March 12, 2019

As people spend more time on the internet, online gaming companies focus more on the quality and performance of their products. A Swedish game studio, Quickspin is developing innovative real cash video slots and playing social markets free of charge. Founded in 2011, the company quickly developed into a leading real money and social casino development studio. The enterprise is now licensed in several countries and has signed agreements with a long list of leading operators with its award-winning content. Quickspin has the objective of creating the kind of players who like to play more and cause a change in the market in quality and innovation. Its games have been integrated into the casino of its clients via a platform that includes new promotional instruments that enable player retention and attraction.

Quickspin recently announced that Erik Gullstrand was to be promoted to be the company’s chief product officer by a Playtech group company. Gullstrand will be responsible for overseeing the preparation and implementation of Quickspin's Product Strategy in 2019 and the years to come. Since 2012, he has had extensive experience as a managing director, head of account management, and vice-president for business development. He has also served formerly as head of development. He has an MBA at the School of Economics in Stockholm. Gullstrand will continue to broaden the company’s portfolio, manage its innovative promotional tools, and continue to expand into new markets, including his many other responsibilities in his role.

“I see this appointment as testament to all of the hard work myself and my fellow Quickspinners have put into building the company into the leading slots specialist it has now become,” says Gullstrand.

In March 2016, Quickspin had been acquired by Playtech, which is a technology leader in the gambling and financial trade industries, founded in 1999 and listed on the London stock exchange's main market. Playtech provides the most popular vertical product of the gambling and financial trade industry, including casino, live casino, sports betting, virtual sports, bingo, and poker, for business-intelligent gambling software, services, content, and platform technologies. Playtech ONE offers data-driven marketing expertise, a single wallet functionality, CRM, and responsible gambling solutions across a single platform through product verticals and across retail and online. It is the leading player in omnichannel technology gaming via its integrated platform technology Playtech ONE.

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