Is 3D Imaging the secret of Touchless Kiosks?

Is 3D Imaging the secret of Touchless Kiosks?

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Friday, September 11, 2020

3D technology is architecting the new era of retail kiosks.

FREMONT, CA: The way the retail industry is doing business is continuously changing. The world is recovering from the pandemic whose consequences were disruptive, expensive, and fatal as well. In the wake of all the industries looking to shoot up the graph of the economy at the global level, and by realizing that technology holds the answer to almost all the critical problems in the real world, technologists and engineers are coming up with new solutions and ideas. The retail industry is at the fore of adapting to the change and staying ahead of the race. And today, the retail tech market has a new entry. Touchless kiosks are making a lot of noise in redefining the business frames of the retail industry. Top 10 POS Solution Companies - 2020

Retail technologists are leveraging the power of 3D imaging in making touchless kiosks a potential reality of the retail stores all across the world. As the world is prioritizing the move of going contactless, these touchless kiosks are adding a lot of value to the aspect of sales. Contactless 3D technology has proven shreds of evidence for improving customer experience. The 3D  kiosk allows the customers to order fast and also enhances customer loyalty by displaying valid offers and coupons that are based on the personal choices and preferences of the buyers.

These innovative retail kiosks that are based on 3D imaging technology are said to be extremely safe and secured. The practical use cases of the kiosks prove that they are highly capable of providing security by means of 3D cameras. The security infrastructure makes use of conceptualizations such as mathematical encryption models and finance-grade security algorithms, which work on a complex digital string. With this, retailers can ensure complete customer and store security. 3D technology also supports the feature of facial security.

3D technology is found successful in creating a touchless experience, which shall further help in the safety of both the staff and the customers. Retailers are sure to bag swollen streams of revenues with a touchless kiosk.

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