Is it the Dawn for a New Fashion Technology Era?

Is it the Dawn for a New Fashion Technology Era?

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Monday, September 21, 2020

Encountering the urgent requirement to modernize the business models and resolve the sustainability problem without affecting its growth, the fashion industry is on the verge of undergoing a massive technology alteration.

FREMONT, CA: Fashion allows being someone else, even if for a little time or a little bit. Meanwhile, it is also considered as the interface between a person and the world that protects them while broadcasting who they are and what do they want to be.

When it comes to explorations of the latest technologies, the fashion industry is on the right track. It is considering the potential of artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, centralized platforms, and virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR) like every other industry, virtually. Manufacturers might not be able to afford wasting of time and money to create products that increasingly rebellious consumers do not aspire to. In such cases, predictive AI makes use of image recognition and machine learning (ML) to filter the products down into a compilation of data points like color, material, pattern, and design, so that the manufacturers can instantly recognize the latest influencer trends and expand their offerings fast.

In the same way, producing the exact product to satisfy the demand helps the manufacturers to cut down the waste without affecting the desire of the customer to personalize it, starting from tailoring it, putting a unique color combination, or other details. 3D printers and robots are assisting in manufacturing anything; let that be shirts or shoes on demand.

The new-generation smart glasses with video-recording ability, built-in speakers, and integration with smartphones and digital assistants, are being used by the customers, which might not be fashionable but is a unique development in the wearable fashion.

Besides, the industry has also made efforts to use VR and AR to pick up the correct size. With the help of mirrors and glasses, the customer goes through multiple items, as well as the entire outfit in the shops, without even removing their clothes. Similarly, the websites also offer an option of “try-on,” which helps to virtually try the clothing and accessories at their homes before purchasing it.

Nevertheless, organizations are trying to figure out different ways to tackle the sourcing issues, such as choosing vendors to meet delivery schedules and ethical employment standards on time, efficiently without any loss or theft. Furthermore, with the use of specialized platforms, blockchain, RFID, and other next-gen supply-chain management technology, companies can help the industry to monitor products, along with their parts.

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