JDA Software and IBM Collaborate for Omni-Channel Supply Chain...

JDA Software and IBM Collaborate for Omni-Channel Supply Chain Intelligence for Retailers

By: Retail Cio Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

FREMONT, CA: Customer today rules the world. Businesses in the current times are trying every tool at their disposal to reach out to their prospective customer and turn every opportunity and interaction into business transaction. JDA Software and IBM have joined forces to empower retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers to scale up customer satisfaction by providing them an integrated omni-channel supply chain. With this solution, businesses will be capable to take real-time sourcing decisions thus enabling them to provide customers with an engaging experience.

Through this deal, JDA Intelligent Fulfillment and Labor Productivity solutions works with IBM Commerce and Order Management solutions to provide real-time inventory information. The collaborative technology solution reveals the true cost of fulfilling an order that includes inventory and labor costs. With this information, businesses get a vantage point in accurately allocating resources and adjusting inventory keeping engaging customer experience as the main objective.

Wayne Usie, SVP of Retail at JDA Software believes currently the retailers are following a framework which lacks transparency as well as intelligence. A far too many static policies are also a concern. Brewing intelligence in to the retail market through intelligent sourcing, planned promotions along with accurate implementation of markdowns and effective Point of Sale strategies could make a difference to a business’ prospects, Usie adds.

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