Mercent Retail Structure Assist for Building Greater Google...

Mercent Retail Structure Assist for Building Greater Google Campaign Structure

By Retail Cio Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

FREMONT, CA: Mercent, a marketing technology company, boosts its Mercent Retail platform with latest feature called ‘Campaign Structure Assist’ for Google Shopping Campaigns – a new program format from Google Product Listing Ads (PLA) to connect retailers with consumers and promote products online.

Campaign Structure Assist helps retailers with: structuring complete product campaigns around product SKUs in an easy and accurate manner; reflecting hierarchies in product catalogs; boosting sales online. By enabling retailers create new campaigns in bulk that reflects the full content of a retailer’s product catalog, Mercent simplifies the job for retailers so that they can be successful on Google Shopping Campaigns.

“Retailers are operating in a highly dynamic and competitive space -- especially during the holiday selling season where for many retailers there is potential to generate half of annual top line revenues,” said Eric Best, Chairman and CEO, Mercent.

“Brands and retailers must get product data structure and quality right first and foremost, in order to profitably optimize retail product and offer visibility through Google Shopping -- now one of the largest online retail channels. With today’s announcement, Mercent continues its legacy of providing industry-leading features and technology to grow retailer profits and revenue. Mercent Retail Campaign Structure Assist simplifies critical processes that allow Mercent retail clients to maximize and accelerate their online sales and profits across the most important online channels now during the 2014 holiday selling season,” Best added.

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