Myagi Lends Support to Saucony to Enhance Retail Support and...

Myagi Lends Support to Saucony to Enhance Retail Support and Customer Experience

By Retail CIO Outlook | Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Simon Turner, Co-Founder & Master of the Chopsticks

An iconic and storied brand like Saucony is investing in Myagi’s knowledge supply chain platform to provide vital support to their retailers.

FREMONT, CA: Myagi, based in San Franciso, is the knowledge supply chain platform that connects retailers to the brands they carry, allowing them to collaborate, communicate, and educate along the commerce supply chain. Saucony, a worldwide lifestyle footwear brand partners with Myagi to provide their retailers with enhanced support.

Brands that run brick and mortar stores can prefer Myagi’s platform when they wish to deliver a more informed and seamless experience for consumers. Moreover, with the holiday season coming, Saucony is looking to improve customer experience associated with its products on the sales floors.

By using this platform, Myagi enables Saucony to increase communication and collaboration with its retailers, thus opening the lines of communication between the team at Saucony headquarters and their retailers. Myagi will act as an additional touchpoint beyond what their local sales and field marketing representatives have with retailers. Through Myagi, Saucony can address questions, comments, and receive feedback directly from their retailers to foster improved dialogue both up and downstream.

Employing this platform, Saucony acquires a piece of mind in terms of knowledge deliverability, efficiency, reach, and accuracy from brand HQ to the retail sales floors. Also, Saucony can deliver standardized and sufficient information through Myagi, thereby empowering sales executives to explain clearly and confidently about their products to the customers, increasing the potential for sale.

“I remember my dad’s favorite running shoes when I was growing up, a pair of Saucony Jazz runners in grey, he loved them and the Saucony brand. I’m so excited that we’ve been able to partner with the great team at Saucony to help manage their knowledge supply chain and enable them to sell better together with their retailers. Sales associates sell what they know, and Myagi will make sure they know everything about Saucony so that they can make lots of passionate Saucony customers, just like my dad in the future!,” said Simon Turner Co-Founder & Master of the Chopsticks, Myagi.

Though it is early days for Saucony on the platform, Samantha Ben-Simon, Sr. Account Marketing Manager at Saucony, mentions that they are “off to a great start,” seeing significant engagement from retailers and their sales associates in just a few short weeks. The teams at both Saucony and Myagi are looking forward to carrying this momentum right into the holidays.

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