Need for workforce management solutions in the retail industry

Need for workforce management solutions in the retail industry

By Retail CIO Outlook | Thursday, January 24, 2019

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Retailers have to handle the inherent complexities of workforce management. They strike a balance between operational cost reduction and increasing demands for the customer-centric shopping experience. Nowadays, retailers make workforce management as a priority and eliminate their dependency on outdated, manual processes. Retailers can be benefitted through applications that support the end-to-end workforce management processes. Following are some of the strategies that drive workforce management effectively:

Optimizing the talent: Cost-reduction in store operating budgets leads to staff reductions. But retail organizations need skilled employees in the competitive retail landscape. Workforce management solutions ensure accurate forecast of staff requirements with maintaining all traditional staffing constraints. The solutions offer real-time visibility that share the talent pool across locations. Advanced workforce management promotes the right employees are in the right place at the right time.

Spending less time on scheduling and more time in managing and selling: Advanced solutions improve operational performance and profitability by maximizing the productivity of employees. Automatically generated schedules forecast staffing requirements and lower the human efforts. It helps store managers to focus on driving sales and customer service. Systematic alerts allow managers to act fast on impending overtime, under-staffing and other key performance indicators. 

Match staffing to real demand: The management solutions enable retailers to forecast accurately build staffing levels based on expected sales and traffic patterns in the store. They ensure that the customers will be served by the most knowledgeable associates by scheduling the right number of the employee at the right department. The retailers can increase or cut employees with help of the forecasts and anticipate the impact of situations.

Improving customer satisfaction: Brand loyalty will decrease if the retailers cannot capitalize on customer-specific data and provide the right mix of product and supporting employees. Intelligent workforce solutions can deliver a customer-centric platform and improve brand loyalty.

The growing competitions in the retail sector drive retailers to adopt automated workforce management solutions. They should embrace and implement advanced workforce management solutions to elevate productivity, reduce labor costs, improve sales, and increase customers.

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