New AI-based Technologies to Revolutionize Customer Experience

New AI-based Technologies to Revolutionize Customer Experience

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Friday, May 31, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Revolutionary firms turn towards artificial intelligence (AI) to evolve the way they connect with customers, reinforce those relationships, distinguish themselves from competitors, and increase revenue. Technologies such as chatbots, recommendation engines, personalized communications, smart ad targeting, and image recognition are at the center of this transformation.

In the frontline of customer service, AI can be used to assist customers in getting instant responses, quick results, and consistency. Coming to the practical solution, the long wait for a phone call with a live agent, to receive an over-simplistic response, is now being replaced by AI-powered chatbot technology. Not only does this pace up the time taken to deliver a service, but it also releases the time for employees to focus on more value-added tasks.

For years now, companies have been automating laborious, mundane tasks. So instead of being managed by a human, AI has become a better option to optimize redundant tasks with automation; it is a layer that tracks and manages these automated processes.  AI can replace the conversations that customers currently have with automated systems, that will understand natural language input, whether typed or spoken.

The second area where AI can enhance automation is the integration of internal processes. With AI, organizations have an excellent opportunity to be more proactive and predictive in how they communicate with both existing and new customers. AI can deliver more real-time personalized interactions. It can run out of this capability at a very minimal cost. Instead of placing the burden on a customer to search through a website, AI can begin to engage actively with customers, asking them questions to help them figure out the best, and most relevant product.

AI is hugely being used behind the stage to provide better customer experience for live agents and employees. To add on acting as the co-pilot, AI can collect customer information in real time, notify the agent they are speaking to, the history of the customer with the brand, their preferences, the potential problem that the customer has and how to fix it.

In the area of customer service, AI has influenced every aspect of the business. If companies want to remain ahead of the curve, they must now begin to develop plans on how to leverage AI, in order to enhance their customer service operations substantially.

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