Novel Tech Approaches to Drive Retail Growth

Novel Tech Approaches to Drive Retail Growth

By Retail CIO Outlook | Monday, August 12, 2019

Customer satisfaction stands as the ultimate goal of every retail company to stay relevant and thrive as a brand.

FREMONT, CA: Retailers have started experimenting with the latest technologies. Technology is playing an essential role in every retail business, and retailers are doing their best to serve their customers. Customer satisfaction, ultimately, is the goal of any marketer and brand. Retailers are working towards the idea of customer satisfaction and ensuring that the entire process is seamless. Customers have uniquely connected to their preferred brands, unlike how it was initially. One of the most obvious ways is by interacting with them on the multiple social media platforms where the brands instruct and provide appropriate information to the consumers.

Customers look for easy check out at stores. Digital payments modes serve in just the way consumers want it. Customer feedback is another perspective that retailers should pay regard to. Technology is making consumer feedback in-store far easier, like touch screens at billing. Etailers look for ways to bridge the gap between the physical and digital world. Analytics will play a significant role in demonstrating the difference between physical and online stores supporting retailers to understand their customers efficiently. Customers can now look for a product and get it delivered to their preferred locations. This is a modern approach termed as omnichannel, which helps in designing a seamless user experience at every touchpoint. Omnichannel has become more of providing the users with expertise and giving them whatever they want, anytime.


AI is using data to improve consumer marketing strategies. The increase in the mobile phone market has overpowered all the retailers to look for a variance in their approach and deliver the best to their consumers. The retailers have shifted their focus on meeting the expectations of the consumers as they are aware of the product appropriately. Personalization is a quintessential element to reach the customer satisfaction level. It can be achieved easily with the help of data that is accessible for the retailers. The retailers can now gain insights into their customers, which help them in giving the required services.

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