Pay-at-the-Table Technology Adds up to Big Benefits

Pay-at-the-Table Technology Adds up to Big Benefits

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Friday, May 24, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Pay-at-the-Table is consummate for full-service restaurants, venues, and other hospitality environments where payment is processed at a central location, away from the customer’s view. Servers need to receive payment tableside and print receipts right on the spot without the necessity to return to the point of sale (POS) station to swipe, insert or tap a card for payment. Without pay-at-the-table technology, servers spend a lot of time on each payment card transaction. A server has to go through a lot of steps to complete a single transaction at a restaurant to handle credit card payment.

Restaurants that have pay-at-the-table solutions have more secure paying options. The waitstaff brings a mobile payment device to the table along with the check, where guests can quickly review the bill, enter a tip amount, and use their credit card to pay. The servers, along with guests and the business owners, benefit from pay-at-the-table technology. There are many reasons why pay-at-the-table technology is a smart investment for your restaurant. With greater operational efficiency, the new solution saves time and minimizes efforts.

Check presentment and payment are done, in one interaction rather than multiple levels. Secondly, the wait time for customers is reduced to a great extent. While servers are running back and forth from the table while guests, on the other hand, are sitting and waiting. Pay-at-the-table technology lets you cap off the evening with another example of the great customer experiences you provide. It increases gratuities and tips. Many customers are confused with how much a server should be tipped. Pay-at-the-Table eliminates the confusion and does the maths, suggesting tip amounts as well.  

Pay-at-the-table technology provides servers more face time with customers.  The waitstaff stays at the table after presenting the check, seizing an opportunity to engage with the customer more. Payment security also increases, as customers do not want to hand over their card to another person. Swiping credit cards on a mobile payment device at the table is perfect in such a situation. Pay-at-the-table technology increases profitability, as keeping customers happy and reducing costs, including EMV charge-backs total up to more profitable business operations.

Today’s consumers value their time and demand timely, efficient assistance. Pay-at-the-table solutions can replace the old process of running back and forth with on-the-spot service and adds to the meaningful customer engagement.

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