Providing Next-Gen Self-Checkout Solution

Providing Next-Gen Self-Checkout Solution

By Retail CIO Outlook | Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Known for its innovative real-time solutions and world-class RFID devices, Nordic ID, a Finnish company, has launched its new NRF-based self-checking solution. This solution allows retailers to revolutionize the check-out experience with a powerful tool. The mission of Nordic ID is to bring each item a digital identity. It enables customers throughout their lives to track and analyze the movement, status, and location of each item. Solutions of Nordic ID ensure that the right quantities of items are in the right position at the right time. Nordic ID is a full-service company for PaaS (Platform as a Service) solutions aiming to become a partner for companies that struggle to manage their flow of products.

The S/MART store was launched in November 2018. Nordic ID S/MART is an unknown store concept that covers the shopping process from end to end. Every product is tagged with RFID tags on them. The cutting-edge POS innovation based on RFID automates the checkout process and slashes the transaction time to a fraction of the time needed today.


The empirical research has shown that it takes on an average of sixty seconds to check out a traditional cashier nine times. It takes ninety seconds to process the same amount of items at a common self-checkout barcode. The Nordic ID checkout performs the task in one-tenth of the time. The Nordic ID self-check is a fine example of how to improve the customer experience by simple means. In the shop, a quick self-service check-out can be eliminated if customers are offered.


Moreover, bagging becomes obsolete when the customer collects the shopping cart and scans the whole shopping cart at the check-out. The platform allows scanning and reading all items simultaneously without searching for a single barcode. Staff can advise and help customers by making employees on the shop floor more accessible. In addition, self-checkout is a very good addition to traditional cashiers at peak times. The area is large enough to fit a complete shopping bag with great user experience. The high-end touchscreen provides a good insight into the buying information. Payments are supported for mobile devices and cards.

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