Redefining the In-Store Experience Digitally

Redefining the In-Store Experience Digitally

By Retail CIO Outlook | Tuesday, April 16, 2019

In-store ExperienceFREMONT, CA: Technology might have created some muddle, but it is a fueling force that can create engaging in-store experiences, enhanced transactions, compelling, and personalized touch points. The digital technology is no threat to the most innovative retailers today. The advance in technology has unlocked many unheard abilities to reach individual customers with customized messages and offers at just the right time. Retailers are experimenting with a variety of novel approaches to personalize their experiences. Digital in the storefront is a huge added advantage as it catches the attention of customers and motivates them to visit the shop and buy the product.

Embracement of digital technology makes retailers create flashy, eye-catching displays that are tailored to attract a new audience. Using these retailers can interactively showcase their products and services using scrolling images, videos or even audios which will help them create a personal connect with their customer and grab their attention and engaging them. The digital strategy works more efficiently in developing brand awareness and allowing retailers to more personally engage with their clients through targeted display messages and drive long-term relationships. Retail stores can make use of instantly updated displays which are the perfect tool for enticing people to make impulse purchases and increase the sales volume.

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When installed in retail stores digital technologies can have an impact on the psychology of a purchase decision. It can convince a customer whether or not to buy certain products by creating an experience and emotional connection. An attractive imagery of the product or lifestyle that a retailer is looking to promote can be presented on large-format digital displays created with full-motion graphics which will subconsciously influence the customer’s decision to buy the product or service.

With the embracement of digital at retail stores, all aspects of connecting or engaging with and serving customers can be deeply linked. The rapid growth and quick evolution of technologies make the retail outlet to focus on using digital techniques for driving traffic into the store, attracting and engaging customers and viewers.

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