Resonai Unveils Groundbreaking App for Retail Outlets and...

Resonai Unveils Groundbreaking App for Retail Outlets and Commercial Buildings

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Friday, December 04, 2020

The innovative application offers turn-by-turn navigation guiding users to their destinations and provides helpful, context-aware AR content along the way at just the right time and location.

FREMONT, CA: Resonai, an AI and computer vision company, announced the launch of Vera Concierge, a revolutionary mobile application that uses Augmented Reality (AR) And Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deliver digital concierge services to visitors of retail outlets and commercial buildings. Constructed on Vera, Resonai’s enterprise platform that alters any physical space into a smart digital environment, Vera Concierge offers personalized assistance, indoor navigation, and context-aware data through a friendly, easy-to-use AR interface.

“Vera enables us to merge the digital and physical worlds so that devices and people operate seamlessly and we can create exciting new experiences for consumers and business,” said Emil Alon, CEO, and Founder, Resonai. “Vera Concierge is a perfect example of the type of application that not only engages end users but also delivers real value to building owners and facilities managers. Once we transform physical spaces into intelligent digital environments, the number of applications we can create is practically limitless.”

Vera Concierge is part of the Vera suite of applications for use in any commercial building. Other apps comprise:

• Vera Universal Controller-Offers a way to manage and control all of buildings IoT-enabled device from a single, intelligent place; and

• Vera Maintenance Manager-Uses AR and building intelligence to mechanize a facility’s maintenance processes and optimize its maintenance team’s efficiency.

The applications draw on Vera’s precise 3D semantic understanding of the setting and accurate positional tracking of users.

Building visitors and tenants can use Vera Concierge to check-in or register upon their arrival and get tailored, contact-less data. The app offers turn-by-turn navigation guiding users to their destinations and provides helpful, context-aware AR content along the way at just the right time and location.

For instance, in a retail environment, the app can present consumers with vital product data, deliver engaging, AR-based brand experiences, or merely point out where the restrooms and other facilities are located. The application provides real-time analytics on traffic flows, product interactions, user behaviors, and other valuable data such as consumers moving through a shopping mall or store, enabling managers to install brick and mortar data with e-commerce data to record the complete buyer journey.

“Goldbeck is committed to delivering the buildings of the future, and that begins with taking a very human-centric approach to technology and the next generation of smart commercial buildings,” said Johannes Hengelage, Innovation Manager Operation, and Maintenance, GOLDBECK Construction. “Vera gives us the ability to digitize our buildings and roll out innovative applications such as Vera Concierge, Vera Maintenance Manager and others that not only deliver better work environments and experiences for tenants and visitors but also improve workflows and operational efficiencies for our facilities managers.”

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