Rob Harvey Joins Sidetrade as New Chief Product Officer

Rob Harvey Joins Sidetrade as New Chief Product Officer

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Rob Harvey joins Sidetrade to align development and business teams to innovative products with prospering in today’s world.

FREMONT, CA: In its journey to provide businesses with digital technology to revolutionize their order-to-cash processes, AI provider Sidetrade names Rob Harvey as its new chief product officer and a firm member’s executive committee (ExCom). Harvey is thrilled to join such a talented product team dedicated to staying ahead of the curve and offer added value to it, customers. This means investing in advanced AI technology and delivering customer-centered solutions that are connected, collaborative, and configurable.

Mr. Harvey will oversee Sidetrade’s product lifecycle, from strategy and development, through to launch. He will jointly work with Sidetrade’s chief technology officer Mark Sheldon to align development and business teams on innovative products that businesses require to prosper in today’s world. Harvey understands customer expectations like no one else, and he brings boundless creativity and immense business expertise to everything he does for Sidetrade.

Mr. Harvey has worked at Sidetrade since 2012 in several leadership roles, most recently as global head of sales operations. Initially appointed as a customer success and presales consultant for the UK, he became head of presales in 2015, navigating teams in France, the UK, and the Netherlands. In 2018, he has been named as the head of sales operations & enablement, extending his full sales support role. Harvey has over 22 years’ experience in order-to-cash. Before joining Sidetrade, he held senior positions at Accenture, Verizon, and Orange Business Services.

Companies trust Sidetrade in every industry, and the intelligent technologies it provides will truly give them a competitive edge. Sidetrade provides award-winning AI technologies to drive value from customer relationships, grow revenue, and generate cash flow. The company uses Artificial Intelligence to empower marketing, sales, and finance teams to grow sales and accelerate cash.

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