Semnox Parafait is Now Available at Dulles, VA

Semnox Parafait is Now Available at Dulles, VA

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Friday, March 27, 2020

Kiran Karanki, Director

The Autobahn Indoor Speedway, a known provider of indoor go-karting experience, announces the implementation of a venue management platform, the Semnox Parafait at Dulles, VA.

FREMONT, CA: The newly announced Semnox Parafait venue management platform located at Dulles, VA, by the Autobahn Indoor Speedway is now available to the public. The venue will provide the excitement of high-speed electronic go-karts, axe throwing experiences, and a wide range of arcade games.

The Autobahn Indoor Speedway has been operating about eleven racing-theme entertainment destinations across the U.S. The firm continues to extend its offerings at current and new locations.

As part of the enterprise’s expansion plan with respect to its offerings, this location has illuminated LUMIN-enabled tap-to-play RFID debit card systems for arcade, self-service kiosk, and redemption besides the Parafait cloud-powered management, and reporting.

The platform also comes with additional features including online functions, use of API framework, food and beverages, and advanced analytics.

Users of the new venue management platform have found the Parafait platform to be very robust and responsive to the requirements of their needs.

Semnox has always retained a strong focus on continually enhancing its consumer and revenue experience. The firm updates its products within about every three months. The inputs from customers decide more than seventy percent of the development cycle by Semnox.

Also, the remaining 30 percent will be innovative approaches to the existing product wherein technologists process information obtained in the customer success program based on which new ideas are envisioned.

Kiran Karanki, the enterprise’s Director is the hardware architect behind Parafait, who led a team of engineers by leveraging his experience in the information technology consulting space.

Continuing its constant efforts to bring in enhancements in all aspects, Semnox has several updates ready for the future. The firm is currently focusing on several initiatives to enhance its online platform. Additionally, the firm is ready to renovate the POS and in turn, simplify its user-experience.

“Over the years, we have built a lot of functionality, and we believe it’s time to simplify the process flows,” says Karanki. Semnox was featured by the Retail CIO Outlook Magazine as one of the top 10 POS Solution Providers 2019.

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