Serving Enterprises with Innovative Environmental Services

Serving Enterprises with Innovative Environmental Services

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Pete Olanday, Practice Leader- Consulting, Retail Practice

Environmental service providers work with customers and communities to overcome the most complex environmental challenges during the entire business cycle. Works such as asset development, optimization of operations, integrated products, restoration, and reuse are carried out.

Vertex is an industry service provider focused on the environment, including consulting, waste management, cleaning, and surface rental. Vertex helps customers achieve their development goals through a wide range of services with more than 50 years of expertise. Also, Vertex is one of the leading environmental service providers in North America.

The company recently intended to grant its employees an aggregate of 750,000 stock options. The options can be exercised at $1.00 per share for three years and can be used until 21 December 2023 at any time.

Vertex offers a variety of services throughout the lifecycle of its customers’ projects from initial site selection, consultation, regulatory approval through construction, operation, and maintenance to final and environmental clean-up. Its customers from oil, forestry, mining, renewable energy, and many other industries are benefitted from its various services.

Organizations are gradually realizing their environmental footprint and have begun to seek tools to reduce their impacts. This impact creates a demand for environmental services to innovate and provide tools to help companies operate with reduced negative environmental impacts, increased social consequences, and increased profitability.

The financial advantages of greening have come about through technological advances and increasing volumes in existing and new waste streams. The investment landscape in the environmental services sector is quite extensive and offers many attractive opportunities like transport and disposal, recycling, testing, consulting, remediation, and renewable energy.

Business models will continue to develop and evolve to address a changing managerial environment and corporate sustainability initiatives that present new investment opportunities in the industry. The environmental service providers are responsible for promoting the value and benefits of integrating environmental and sustainable design into all areas of the work plan of their customers.

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