Shaping the E-Retail Market for a Customer-Friendly Experience

Shaping the E-Retail Market for a Customer-Friendly Experience

By Retail CIO Outlook | Monday, August 12, 2019

The scope of e-retailing is tremendous as consumer behavioral analytics, and new technologies make e-retailing easy.  

FREMONT, CA: The e-retail market is throbbing and will continue to in the upcoming years as well. The most important reason behind this vibrancy is relatively the easy access to a national. A significant reason why e-retail is prevalent among brands is the opportunity to trade online. It is significantly limited in comparison to brick-and-mortar stores. The advertising in the online space can be targeted to a particular segment of consumers. It establishes an online brand with national recognition, which is faster than doing it offline.

Rather than starting a brick and mortar store first, online-first brands will trade online before trading offline. An increasingly sophisticated logistics network will provide consumers with products sold by offline brands. The application will neutralize the need for many brands to sell offline at all. Extensive penetration of 4G networks and more smartphone users will further drive brands to adopt an offline-first tactic. Purchasing online products is convenient and affordable in comparison to offline stores. Brands don't need external parties to sell products effectively. As sophisticated supply chains run on cutting edge software platforms, online shoppers are guaranteed quick delivery and easy returns when requested. Modern consumers are increasingly spurred to buy online as they are technology citizens and less inclined to waste time shopping in stores


In the near future, more online brands will benefit, unlike before, as the helping infrastructure will advance to become more robust. The logistics processes that enable goods to be shipped quickly will grow even more automated. There are immense advantages of this for e-retailers the most relevant of which is it allows them to focus on their core competency. An online brand has limited need to manage inventory or fret about loading and unloading of products. Online brands will have a laser-like focus on creating more significant brand equity and diligent shopping experiences.

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