Should Defect Tracking Tools be Initial Implementation Considerations?

Should Defect Tracking Tools be Initial Implementation Considerations?

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Friday, September 04, 2020

Defect management is a challenge for software development projects. So how are they going to resolve all the bugs and defects?

FREMONT, CA: Testers make use of the distinct instrument in latest software testing solutions to support their processes and findings. Since the quality of the software is the topmost priority for the enterprises, defect tracking tools are largely utilized during the development process of the software. There are bugs, defects and issues that come in different forms and harm the quality of the software app. These circumstances enable the enterprises, that employ software testing companies for their software services, make sure that they are utilizing the right tools for defect tracking and defect management.

There are several issue tracking tools available in the market. The key feature of any issue tracking tool is its flexibility and handiness. All users have to do is to follow instructions to move forward.

Defect management tends to catch bugs and defects at the initial stages of the software development process. This widens its scope in software testing. These tools have proved to be of great comfort for the developers and testers as they can resolve these problems altogether. It can be the best solution to be attended in real-time. However, testers have defined which defects do not need much attention. Because of this, bugs are prioritized to retain a proper system for all the problems popping up. While development teams also need to make sure that they should not be oblivious of any defect in the system.

Defect tracking tools not only show the way to move further with defect management but also equip valuable metrics teams with the capability to tie defects to changed code, tests or another data based on the tool that they are utilizing. It helps in offering traceability or analysis on defect trends. The right time to review and rewrite a module is when defects impact that module of software app.

Defect tracking tools offer a repository for documentation that can assist the troubleshooters or support department. Thus, the tool can send notifications to the correct teams when a specific defect requires to be tested, fixed, marked or resolved.

There are distinct kinds of issue tracking software and tools that assist the software development process. Earlier, developers and testers used to work in isolation. However, since the enterprises are adopting more agile approaches, they work in a collaboration involving major stakeholders into the process. Defect tracking tools offer an in-depth view of all the problems occurring in the system, along with the solution to combat it. These problems are prioritized. The best feature of this system is that it helps in saving huge cost and time as the bugs are detected at the initial stages of the process.

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