Significance of Cloud-based POS Systems

Significance of Cloud-based POS Systems

By Retail CIO Outlook | Thursday, March 07, 2019

POS SystemsTechnology trends keep changing, and enterprises need to be updated with the latest trends to stay relevant in the market. Many companies are implementing Cloud services for their Point of Sale (POS) systems as it offers excellent data security features with off-site servers that provide around the clock POS service and support. Cloud-based POS system allows businesses to store everything in the cloud, eliminating the need to host their own servers. Here are a few reasons to understand the importance of cloud-based POS systems:

Cloud POS Mobility: Cloud-enabled POS software offers incredible flexibility and mobility as it can be accessed from any device with a browser. The software allows the employees to accept payment through multiple means and send the receipt to the customer via an e-mail. The ability of remote access enables business owners to stay on top of their business.

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Less Downtime: POS systems handle the financial transaction of businesses, making them prone to malware and cyber attacks. An attack on the POS system can cause the crash of the entire computer system, which can corrupt all the files in the system. Businesses that suffer an attack have to experience downtime until the vendor resolves the issue. The vendors need to investigate all the hardware and software to spot the point of attack, which can slow down a business. Cloud-based POS system can prevent any attack, as all the data is stored in the cloud.

Cost effective: Legacy POS systems have software and hardware licenses, which can incur significant costs for businesses. Additionally, these systems charge for maintenance and updates. Cloud-enabled POS systems do not charge any upfront fees for software and hardware licenses. These systems provide automatic updates and maintenance with a meager monthly fee.

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Increased Security: Cloud-based POS systems reduce the risks of accidents, cyber attacks, and thefts, as all the data is stored on the cloud. These systems store all the information on the off-site servers with around-the-clock security and several layers of protection.

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