Smart Retailing: Digital Buyers New Formula

Smart Retailing: Digital Buyers New Formula

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Friday, June 28, 2019

Smart retail is an innovation guided by the idea of accessing personalized information and suggestions according to customer preference, to create best-in-class shopping experiences.

FREMONT, CA: Emerging as retailers' hot favorite solution, Smart retailing delivers satisfying and customized the digital shopping experience. Today, as we have facilities to enjoy at our fingertips from food to shopping, there are a variety of options available online. With this significant shift of consumers from retail stores to digital shopping platforms, the smart retailing proves to be a brilliant solution for the retailer’s concern. Smart retailing is a revolution in retail which provides faster, safer and smarter shopping experiences while shopping inside the stores. It is built with three major blocks of functional connectivity, integration and big-data analytics.


For efficient smart retail, the retailers need to provide quality facts and information for each customer. Physical stores can forge secure wireless connections between devices such as store PC, telephone, cash register, product levels, different aisle and other essential store elements which will help to know the requirement of customers and deliver quick and accurate information digitally. The implementation will reduce the cost of human skills for operations and maintenance. Free and easy information surfing about the products will deliver a high level of customer satisfaction and raise interest in the store services. Smart retail needs a higher integration level from the basic to significant elements of a physical store. An intelligent retail data analytics helps to access and manage customer metric, monitor their ways and interest of shopping to enhance the particular sections or aisle and also to track the number of the customer visit. The dashboard displays all the required statistics and creates a powerful resource to focus on the profits and goals of the store.

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As a customer, experiencing a store with all-around shopping services which includes all the feeds of relevant information and data about the product we like, wise advice and also suggestions for combinations or occasions to wear is an undeniable pleasure. No queue or hustle while payment option will be another luxury as a customer. Such flexibility in shopping experience not only motivates the customers to visit more but also bring up the competition level of the retail store.

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