Taking Advantage of E-Commerce in Auto Retail to Satisfy Customers

Taking Advantage of E-Commerce in Auto Retail to Satisfy Customers

By Retail CIO Outlook | Thursday, June 06, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Digitization has stormed automotive marketing. The benefit gained from automotive e-commerce has shredder the conventional barriers of long visits and waits in the showroom. Unlike the traditional model of sales, where the customer visited the showroom, the new e-commerce model focuses on bringing the dealership to the location of customer-on the device.

Dealerships and Online Strategies:

At present, nothing less than an apocalypse can separate the millennials from the internet. Why should it, when the popular study reports that automotive e-commerce is set to increase by 25 percent in the next decade. It suggests that the millennials need to be focused on more as they are the growing audiences who have shown a preference for e-commerce and purchasing.

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Dealerships who have considered the prediction are changing the direction of marketing towards the places where millennials hangout: online. With changing expectations of customers due to digitization, the connectivity, personalization, and quick response times are the factors that need to be prioritized, not just perks.

Engaging in E-Commerce:

The two effective ways a dealership can engage with customers via e-commerce are:

1. Go to the people

The studies suggest that people spend 20 percent of online time in a particular medium and almost 14 percent being social media. To those business owners who are harnessing the power of social media for marketing has proven to be a useful tool, when used properly. Active participation by the dealership is required to leverage customers from social media and original content needs to be curated.

2. A video is worth a thousand words

The statistics by a popular search engine has recorded that 69 percent of the customers were influenced by the videos more than the newspaper or magazines, before buying the car. Consumers prefer video content with reviews, walkthroughs, and features. The provision of similar content might motivate shoppers from the beginning of the research, before the purchase of the car.

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