The Art of Visual Merchandising to Drive Foot Traffic

The Art of Visual Merchandising to Drive Foot Traffic

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Monday, April 29, 2019

Visual MerchandisingIn an era where people can buy anything with just a few clicks, it is challenging to attract customers to retail stores. In this competitive marketplace, there is an insatiable need to surprise and inspire customers. A large percentage of customers change their minds because of a product they see when interacting with the product in the store. Visual merchandising has become a basic necessity to elevate a brand’s assortment and overall shopping experience. It is about presenting the shopping space in a way that maximizes sales.

As soon as the customer sees what the retailers have to offer, the customer journey begins. Window displays are a vital factor in the decision-making process when a customer sets foot in a brick and mortar store. The displays could attract and showcase the best of what the store has to offer its customer. Retailers should create a key focus when constructing these designs. Showcasing the best items can encourage more foot traffic.

Grouping complementary items that are similar can lead to more purchase. Retailers can consider grouping products that have a natural relation to another which makes customers thinking about what else they need to buy before they proceed to checkout. Layering similar items can also lead to more buying. Based on research things can be grouped, that is items that are often purchased together could lead to an increase in sales.

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 Encouraging impulse buys can aid upsell consumers, and customers are more likely to buy items at their eye level. Countertop displays are particularly crucial to making a sale since they attract consumers to make an impulse buy with products placed at the optimal eye level.  If they are placed at a hip height where customers don’t have to ask for to reach the product can also hike the sale.

When it comes to displaying products, the organization is vital. Taking ample time to arrange the products strategically is a smart move. The store should be kept orderly as to excite return foot traffic and fuel additional sales.

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