The Necessity of Artificial Intelligence in Retail Industry

The Necessity of Artificial Intelligence in Retail Industry

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Thursday, February 21, 2019

Artificial Intelligence is significant for retailers in increasing profits and improving customer experience.  The most significant areas where retailers have used AI is for meeting production demand, product pricing, risk management, store management, logistics, and fraud detection. AI is helping in performing security tasks with machine learning, NLP (Natural Language Processing), deep learning to name a few.

Artificial Intelligence replaces redundant and individual-driven analysis. Online retailers enhance customer experience and drive sales with the use of Chatbots and product suggestions.

Retail industry adopts real-time strategic and logical measures to create valuable insights resulting in robust fraud detection systems with more effective marketing campaigns. With this AI makes consumer services better and more accurate with targeted churn prediction. AI also encounters the problems of siloed data faced by retailers.

AI-enabled devices and networks use real-time analytics to create automatic reordering, resulting in optimized pricing strategies and efficient inventory management. Along with this AI adapts automatically to customer behaviors by using prediction analysis on current practices and trends of consumers. AI-based software and devices analyze such historical data.


The essential work AI does is that it replaces repetitive individual driven analysis for a retailer by ensuring error-free consistency across retailer’s stores. Here, the same data and criteria are applied impartially by AI for operating a smooth retail business.

Retail industry always invests in massive infrastructures like anti-theft tagging solution systems, cameras and more to increase profits and production. Counterintuitive impacts of real-world can impact AI expertise in market promotion and distribution of retail industry.

Retailers should have sound knowledge of AI-enabled software installed in their systems for achieving business goals and profits. The domains and websites that transfer the big data and payments are always on the risk for breach of hacking. With AI-based software, the firewalls are protected with secure transactions of payments and data transfer.


AI deeply embeds retail industries in the current scenario in stores for the benefit of both shoppers and retail business companies or manufacturers. 

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