The Newest Influence of Social Media on Commerce

The Newest Influence of Social Media on Commerce

By Retail CIO Outlook | Thursday, June 27, 2019

Our increasing love for social media is revolutionizing the way we interact, and also the way businesses are done for better customer experiences.

FREMONT, CA: Social commerce is the line between e-commerce and social media that in becoming blurred on an increasing note. The social media apps have positioned social commerce as the indisputable market breakout trend for e-commerce with the younger generation spending almost all their time in the apps. This generation is categorized in different ways: some people spend two-three times more shopping on social channels. The average users spend their time on social media chatting apps. Omni-Channel commerce is preferred by most of the customers. The ability to achieve a consistent experience across channels while factoring in the various devices helps purchasers to interact with businesses effortlessly.


The primary drivers of the success of social commerce have been the shift of preference by shoppers on social channel away from highly used social platform towards newly formed video-based channels. The answer is short-form video content that is rapidly becoming the imperative form of online content. Most of the consumers prefer interactive-visual content over conventional static media. This trend is enhanced by the latest technology that stimulates mobile applications plus video streaming, from Progressive Web Applications (PWA) to the pending materialization of 5G. It is generally difficult to achieve digital growth among younger consumers when video content is not given proper attention. An enormous boost in the content consumption is seen and the transition to hybrid social apps, like PWAs, will only accelerate this trend.

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PWAs describe a marked possibility for brands to capitalize on social commerce for younger users who are impatient when it comes to buffering. Young people ascertain what is trending culturally, and consequently, what drives interest in consumer markets. The combination of social media shoppers and represent a paradigm shift in digital commerce. The growth of social commerce is assured to coincide with significant technological boosts, and perhaps threaten the dominance of social media giants. Social commerce is inevitable, driven by the growing cultural and consumer inclinations of younger generations.

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