Top 6 Digital Supply Chain Transformation Every Retail CIOs should...

Top 6 Digital Supply Chain Transformation Every Retail CIOs should Know

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Friday, November 15, 2019

Technology has started to drive the supply chain management.  Below are six points every digital supply chain organizations should do.

FREMONT, CA: Every supply chain organization is trying very hard to improve operations, integrate new technologies, and figure out how to acquire and use data from a vast array of options. Even though the solutions vary from company to company and industry to industry, there are common issues that every company has to address. Below are six things every digital supply chain organizations should do:

Collaboration with a purpose

The organization should know that cross-functional collaboration should be the major source of great ideas that relate customers to operations and drive customer loyalty. The company has to make sure that the executives, managers, and employees have an accurate financial reason to collaborate.

Data-trading to acquire the information that the company needs

Most of the supply chain organizations do not have the information they need to know about how to grow demand truly. So, the progressive supply chain organizations are not only better at using existing data, but they are also good at attaining new data. This means installing sensors or using the internet of things devices, and it often means contacting companies that are distributors and trading to get the data the company needs. A new data model is a must for the digital supply chain and data-trading, which is frequently the only way to get the data that the organization needs. Taking steps to know and value the information that the organization needs and assess the value of what they have.


Every organization should know that algorithms are the future of business. The company needs software developers to create algorithms. Along with this, the organizations need to get the managers in place that know how to work algorithms, prioritize artificial intelligence and machine learning resources, and work across boundaries.

Setting goals and help people reach them

Set big goals for revenue growth driven by supply chain actions and consumer happiness. Lifting work culture so that people are encouraged to work with data and delight clients while attaining a profit.

Performance metrics drives revenue

Every organization has critical ways to measure cost and delivery performance. Only a few have developed the importance of the supply chain in driving revenue growth. As a result of this, the opportunities to make clients happy, enhance revenue, and develop new business models are missed.

Blockchain and customers

 Apart from all the hype blockchain has bought about immutability and distributed ledgers, blockchain should be used to make customers happy with the choices that any organization has made about sustainable supply chains. The money-saving part comes in when the company eliminates non-value-added parts of the chain and drive down the cost of things like paperwork and verification.

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