UberMedia Launches Vista AI along with Introducing Mobile Location...

UberMedia Launches Vista AI along with Introducing Mobile Location Data University

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Thursday, May 23, 2019

FREMONT, CA: The pioneering provider of aggregated mobile location data and intelligence, UberMedia announces the release of Vista AI, a fully anonymized mobile location intelligence platform. It delivers actionable insights to businesses without compromising accuracy and quality. The launch coincides with the release of Mobile Location Data University (MLDU), an UberMedia sponsored online resource center dedicated to enduring enterprises and consumers on the complications, uses, and analytic potential of mobile location data. The platform is expected to launch later this year officially.

Vista AI builds on UberMedia’s consumer conscious approach to mobile location data and allows users to understand consumer behavior and market trends better and assist in site selection and trade area modeling. Backed by UberMedia’s best-in-class accuracy, quality and scale, Vista AI delivers businesses with access to tailored, market level insights regarding their consumers and competitors, while successfully navigating the complexities associated with individual device data.

The platform’s simple online interface allows users to easily construct highly customized location queries to find solutions to business challenges. Using Vista AI’s powerful technology, UberMedia can analyze quickly and return fully anonymized data sets from its vast network of mobile location data suppliers, delivered in a variety of formats, including insight datasets, interactive reports or even an API.


Additionally, Vista AI offers users access to Market Potential, a powerful new feature that captures insights with anonymized and aggregated human movement data from massively pre-processed data. With more accurate modeling and easy-to-use formatting, Market potential helps users identify hidden opportunities by better understanding, the retail potential, dispersion, pulse day part, and pulse trend. 

The industry’s first online resource center—MLDU— will feature educational content contributed by industry leaders, change makers, and thought leaders to educate better consumers and support professionals working with mobile location data. It makes learning mobile location data and understanding its potential as simple as possible through easily accessible lessons in the form of articles. 

At its release, MLDU provides non-technical educational content that assists analysts, marketers and business managers at various stages of working with mobile location data. From an essential glossary to advanced concepts on trade area modeling, MLDU defines mobile location data, details how to use it, and recommends ways to work with vendors through informative articles explaining what questions to ask mobile location data vendors and how to evaluate their responses.

UberMedia offers reliable mobile data solutions for businesses to creatively solve their persistent challenges. The company’s diverse portfolio of products process billions of social, demographic, and location signals daily for companies across retail, automotive, and entertainment to better understand and influence modern consumers with the most accurate business decision science.

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