Unique Tech to Provide Relevant Offer Promotions and Aid Retailers

Unique Tech to Provide Relevant Offer Promotions and Aid Retailers

By Retail CIO Outlook | Monday, April 01, 2019

To provide customers with personalized offers and help retailers to increase sales and growth, a new website and app called what'sInStore is launched. Buyers will be alerted when the product they want is on sale and retailers will also know which product the customers are looking forward to a discount. The app assists small and large businesses to know consumer demand, to increase sales and growth accurately. The retailers get real-time reporting which can be used to apply discounts on highly demanded products.

Retailers can now notify customers about in-store and online promotions to customers directly. What’sInStore app predicts that big brands would soon partner with the app to reach out to their wide audience. The apps engagement on a personal level is expected to be beneficial to both retailers and buyers. What’sInStore provides a powerful platform for local stores and big shopping chains. Doubts are eliminated, and accurate insights are provided to improve strategies. The app helps the retailers build trust and gain loyalty which in turn affects the sales and profit. The consumer will be able to filter the shopping experience by category, location, price, and product, and they will receive updates only when the preferred item is on sale. Usually, buyers are annoyed with irrelevant newsletters and promotional emails in user accounts, but What’sInStore will reduce the number of irrelevant ads.

The app will allow the customer to make smart purchases and seek better value to save time and money effectively. The user has to add products in the What’sInStore app, and the app will monitor every available offer and immediately notify the buyers if it meets their requirements. The app can also track live offers available by using the search live offers option. The app can search offers by store by merely setting the radius within the desired search limit. The number of alerts and distance can be managed in settings; all the preferences for the profile can also be set. What’sInStore is a standalone app which does not contain ads or sponsored posts. The app is designed to organize buyers’ preferences. It is appealing to all age groups and consumer types to ensure that they never miss any discount to buy their favorite product.   

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