USAePay Launches its Android App Version 1.3.8

USAePay Launches its Android App Version 1.3.8

By Retail Cio Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

GLENDALE, CA: USAePay, payment gateway service provider has released their Android App updated version 1.3.8.

 The updated version of Android App includes new features like having the ability to collect location data of transactions and adding a onetime purchase. The update features a more convenient way to utilize the mobile payment processing by improving the user’s overall experience and efficiency.

Some of the features include: Record the location of each transaction being processed through “Geolocation” tool, add a “One Time Purchase” through the “New Order” section of the application; user’s can enable their GPS settings through the General Settings.

USAePay’s mobile payment Android Application continues to provide a quick and easy interface for accepting credit card payments. The application includes a geolocation, one time purchase, and enabled GPS and bluetooth settings.

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