Wait and Watch the Retail Technology Dazzle

Wait and Watch the Retail Technology Dazzle

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Monday, June 24, 2019

Technology investments can be a solution to many of the challenges today, but implementing them on a planned strategy supports the mission and objectives, while ensuring long-term value for companies.

FREMONT, CA: After the evolution of e-commerce, companies have now begun focusing on delivering a seamless online experience to the users, which includes identifying the specific differences that come with the mobile experience. Retailers can come up with in-depth and holistic methods related to the interaction between their customers and the brand online, and evaluate the response of the mobile experience procedure.

There should be a noticeable shift from mobile marketing to a customer-centric mobility promotion, related to the consumer’s device and the brand experience attached to it. Moreover, it should include usability of the technology, finding out the requirements of mobile customer individually, and delivering a shopping experience that helps the organization to stand out. The immediate increase in the audience has encouraged retailers to create new ways and ideas to boost mobile experience and engagement for potential clients.


Often, there are risks attached to the existing mobile security that needs the attention of the retailer while they are preparing more convenient mobility. Security projects can be implemented in a shorter timeframe to protect the company and the customers, like device for payments in the physical store, which holds power to partially integrate your systems.

The retailers today invest in technologies like tools for tracking web metrics to classify online customer behavior as focusing on user behavior can accelerate their business in the near future. Some retailers are investing in core applications and technology infrastructure that supports better personal association with consumers, like different loyalty programs. 


To some extent, the interconnected lives of the customers have also created new expectations regarding the interaction that has to be done with the brand, keeping in mind their preferences and habits.

AI is significant for retailers from the supply chain perspective, as it accelerates the quality and speed of planning insights. By implementing AI, the companies can discover more cost-saving ways and useful ways of operations that can alleviate some strain from the workers.

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