What Change Can Contactless Technology Bring In An Organization?

What Change Can Contactless Technology Bring In An Organization?

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Contactless technology has been utilized for over 20 years to help consumers make transactions in a comfortable, fast and secure manner. In the coming few years, contactless technology is expected to develop and be widely used.

FREMONT, CA: Contactless technology enables consumers to use near-field communication (NFC) to make card payments. The technology benefits both consumers and businesses, and in recent years its use has increased exponentially. With this software implemented in POS terminals and credit cards, a communication channel is developed that helps send and receive payment authorization data in a very safe way.

Here's a rundown of the main 5 things to think about contactless technology and its advantages.

Smart Card Technology

This is a short introduction to contactless smart card technology. Contactless smart card includes specialized small computers and connects wirelessly with card readers over a short distance. It holds the potential to provide the highest degree of computer security so that identity, financial information and confidentiality are secured.

Use of Technology

A large number of people make regular use of contactless technology in passports, identification cards, bank payment cards and transit tickets to ensure safe, easy and quick transactions.

A Better Safe Payment System

Cloning and falsification of cards were avoided by using adaptive card authentication and encryption. The computer produces a robust code within the card that is transmitted to the payment terminal during the contactless payment process. This unique code is then validated by the issuer, and the payment is authorized by an approved reader. The generated information can not be utilized for the second time and therefore, fraudsters can't steal card information and create a fake card with the stolen data.

The Widespread of Contactless Transactions

With the advent of EMV chip technology, contactless payment is expected to become widespread. The USA is inclining to protect EMV chip technology. Payment companies such as MasterCard, Visa, USE and Discover have been presenting roadmaps to switch the United States to EMV chip cards. The move is seen as a spark for contactless payment development by several observers.

Contactless Payments Are Not Limited To Retail

One of the main adopters of contactless smart cards for secure, fast and safe transit transactions is the transport industry. In most cases, a transit provider issues a contactless transit card. This is a contactless fare card designed to pay for rides on certain transit options, such as buses and trains. It also allows the use of NFC devices for direct transit transactions, since it follows similar standards, including transparent contactless payments.

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