When 5G met Retail-The Beginning of a Brand New Era

When 5G met Retail-The Beginning of a Brand New Era

By Retail CIO Outlook | Thursday, August 29, 2019

The advent of 5G will revolutionize the retail industry and help retailers enhance the growth on varied platforms.

FREMONT, CA: The world of 5G will be a collaborative step towards a revolutionary future. 5G is a broad concept to be thoroughly read and understood. The benefits it brings to the retail world is unimaginable.

Businesses from various sectors need to stay on top of 5G, a connectivity technology that allows faster data transfer speed. 5G brings massive transformation in the industry of autonomous cars, smart cities, education, and industrial internet of things (IoT).

The other industry that will benefit from the evolving of 5G will be the retail sector. In a world of artificial intelligence, cloud and deep learning, 5G helps the retail industry to access cloud technology quickly and allows faster development of both the businesses and consumer services.

Still, in the infancy stage, 5G is expected to interconnect more merchants and consumers. The introduction of 5G will only enhance the development of the retail industry. The most affected area will be the payments. Mobile payments have become a popular payment method. Faster internet speed and a decrease in the network jam will result in a better, more seamless payment. This can be made possible using a mobile device, which will help in sprouting a new generation of innovation.  

E-commerce and networking

Across the world, a hike in the usage of mobile payments is observed. According to PPRO research, 45 percent of the e-commerce transactions are done with the help of a mobile device. As the world grows, consumers grow along with them. With broader coverage areas and faster speed, 5G will turn the preferences made by the consumers into a reality.

The need for speed

Faster the internet, better online transaction. Faster internet and lower latencies will help the consumers to make the online purchase even faster. Comparing 4G and 5G, 5G is expected to speed up the data three times more than 4G. So, utilizing the 5G in mobile payments will be key for retailers and online merchants to enhance the growth of the respective market on 5G.

Upgraded wallet on screen

By 2021, United States cross-border e-commerce will reach $203 billion. The introduction to 5G will boost these figures even further. Retailers that embrace these varied mobile payment methods will be ready to take advantage of this growing opportunity.

With the introduction of 5G, consumers will indeed be passionate about the purchase and pay wherever and whenever they want to. This wireless technology will soon bring a new evolution. Here's a look at what retail with 5G will be like:

1. A massive leap from physical to virtual platform

 5G wireless technology with high speed will act as a catalyst in the launch of the great revolution in the way people will shop, and the way retailers present their product offering. The physical purchase and buying hardly exists anymore. It has now become convenient to sit at home or anywhere and make purchases with just one click. This is a big change from traditional shopping towards modern shopping.

2. Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Dressing room of the future, RFID tags with technology in the room, allows the customers to quickly identify what the person is trying on, and helps them with valid suggestions and customizations. Moreover, it will enable people to post on social media or connect with friends for their opinions. It will, in turn, help the customers to shop easily.

3. Enhancement in Supply Chain platform

Another area which will be highly affected is the supply chain. Store inventories can be tracked down by the internet of things. 5G-powered inventory control will help managers get a real-time view of their inventory and maybe even prevent theft.

5G integrating with existing technology can help power new technologies that many retailers are beginning to use, such as:

•  Personalized digital signage
•  AR/VR reality
•  Video and pattern recognition of shoppers
•  Interactive mobile apps

With 5G, the retail sector can power up new, innovative technologies with high speed and reliability, include more data, and of course, build a strong and long-lasting relationship with the customers. Technology is a vast concept which cannot be bought under a single umbrella. If used intelligently and effectively, technology can be of a helping hand.

This new form of connectivity helps the retailers to open a door for endlessly customizable merchandise, drone delivery, virtual reality trial rooms, and augmented reality experiences at home or in-store.

In general, this wireless fifth generation technology will offer a wide variety of in-store intelligence, greater efficiency, and improved delivery. The 5G with artificial intelligence, machine learning, predictive analysis, and other cutting edge technologies will shape the world into a better technology-driven platform.  

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