Why eCommerce Companies Must Adopt AR and VR?

Why eCommerce Companies Must Adopt AR and VR?

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Thursday, July 09, 2020

AR and VR are helping eCommerce enterprises increase their sales by offering better customer experience.

FREMONT, CA: Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are comparatively new technologies in the eCommerce market, but they are gaining immense popularity among both companies as well as consumers. The increasing growth of such techniques drives online retail sales, conversions rates, and even improves the customer experience.

However, AR and VR technology can be trendy and futuristic, but it is upon the consumers and the eCommerce market to use its full potential. eCommerce companies that are skillful and intelligent will think about how they can utilize the technologies' benefits. AR can help enhance the customer experience by offering them a view of the products in the online store, like how it will look in the real world.

Apply AR and VR to eCommerce

Top 10 Retail Tech Startups - 2020These technologies have the potential to change how online shopping is conducted. But they also have several ways of reshaping the brick-and-mortar store experiences, increase brand awareness and loyalty, and even enhance customer services. Here are some of how the eCommerce market can utilize the advantages offered by AR and VR.

Enhance online shopping experiences

The most prominent area where AR and VR had an immense impact is the online shopping experience. Now, every industry can use the benefits of technological developments. Moreover, AR can improve the organization's product pages so that the consumers can get a refined idea about the goods they want to purchase. They can provide 3D pictures on their website so that the customers search for them and consider buying. Reviewing the products will help to increase sales due to customer satisfaction.

Develop brand awareness and loyalty

Moreover, making use of AR and VR will amplify and improve loyalty and recognition of the brand. The technologies can offer numerous marketing opportunities for eCommerce companies that will allow them to differentiate the brand. Furthermore, it also helps boost engagement, generate a buzz, and provide exclusive interactions with their consumers.

Improve customer service

Earlier eCommerce was dependent on the user guide, step-by-step video, or chatbot. Now, AR and VR can offer consumers an interactive experience through which they can learn the ways to use the products and even troubleshoot them.

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