Why Implementing Technology is Essential before Hiring Gen Z

Why Implementing Technology is Essential before Hiring Gen Z

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Technology can assist Generation Z employees in empowering themselves while doing their work proficiently and also enjoying their experience.

FREMONT, CA: The holiday seasons are the busiest months of the year for the brick-and-mortar retail stores. The retailers and grocers need additional staff during the holidays to cover the crowd of shoppers in their stores. According to a survey by Zebra Prescriptive Analytics, almost 44 percent of Generation Z, including the ones currently in college, already have experience working in a retail or a grocery store. Their working experience in such areas makes them significant candidates to soon-to-be-busy retailers.

To attract, engage, and maintain the growing digital generation, potential employers also need to adapt to the task-management approaches. Technology can be a way to accomplish all three, but they have to invest in tools like prescriptive analytics that will offer the Gen Z-friendly approach to task management. Here are three procedures through which a retailer can make use of the prescriptive analytics to appeal to Gen Z:

Incorporate Technology Devices into Day-to-Day Tasks

Generation Z is more prone to digital tools, and they enjoy using their tech devices at work. Prescriptive analytics can be used in most of the mobile devices. Employees having access to the prescriptive analytics through mobile devices can be assigned tasks automatically in near real-time, such as stocking up out of stock materials, setting up new promotional displays, and many more. The work tool also helps the employees to have a better understanding of their tasks.

Reduce Time Spent Analyzing Reports

For a retailer, their reports are valuable, and Generation Z is trying to promote a smarter way of identifying the tasks they need completed. According to Gen Z, traditional processes, like reporting, makes the employer less appealing. Prescriptive analytics will help break down the data and offer unambiguous directions so that the employees of any age can have a better understanding of the things expected from them.   

In these busy seasons, retailers are trying to employ as many people as possible. However, hiring Generation Z and training them means implementing technology that will help them to do their job efficiently.

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