Why is Job Flexibility Gaining Inclination in the Retail Industry?

Why is Job Flexibility Gaining Inclination in the Retail Industry?

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Friday, July 10, 2020

Cloud-based solutions, with its ability to provide visibility into business for employees, enable them to work remotely while enhancing flexibility.

FREMONT, CA: Nowadays, workers of various sectors opt for flexibility as an essential characteristic of a job. In retail, where face to face customer interaction is the main component of a job, a flexible work environment offering an option to work remotely is not an option many times. With the lack of employees to play a role in the retail sector, retailers need to adopt new methods to retain talents while opening up opportunities for candidates seeking flexibility. At the same time, companies cannot ignore the value employees place on flexible work options. Of all, Millenials and Gen Z prefer flexible work arrangements, and those retailers who offer this flexibility can attract a wide variety of young talent.

The evolving retail landscape makes it possible to satisfy the employees’ expectations. The massive growth in online sales provides an opportunity for staff to work remotely. According to a recent study, the number of digital buyers is above 60% worldwide and will surpass 65% by 2021. The employees, instead of being on the shop floor as a sales representative, they can be online personal shoppers or online customer service representatives. So the employees working in a company having a modern IT infrastructure can work from remote places and analyze buying patterns or keep track of sales trends using real-time data.Top E-commerce Technology Companies

The adoption of cloud-based IT solutions for retail facilitates more flexible, remote work arrangements. It allows employees to work anywhere at any time provide with the ability to do more tasks remotely than in traditional setups. As retailers move away from stationary laptops in an office to cloud-based solutions, it can offer not only better service for the customers but also better working conditions for employees. Cloud-based solutions provide enterprise-wide visibility into every aspect of the business for retail employees. It helps streamline operations, including better monitoring of out-of-stocks, expediting deliveries, and even managing suppliers, carriers, and logistics providers through digitized documents and communications.

It offers more flexible, remote work arrangements, thereby delivering a better shopping experience for the customers.

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