Why the Retailers can Expect Better Sales During This Holiday Season

Why the Retailers can Expect Better Sales During This Holiday Season

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Retail stores with online counterparts and pick up in-stores will witness an increase of sales as the shoppers can check off several items from their checklist at one location.

FREMONT, CA: This holiday season, retail stores will witness an increase in demand as the consumers are planning to keep their wallets open and move to the stores for their shopping. According to JLL’s 2019 Holiday Shopping Survey, there will be a 4.5 percent to 5.0 percent increase in holiday retail sales as the key economic fundamentals will remain stable. However, here are the significant findings from the report of JLL.

Stores Will Be the Top Destination for Shoppers

JLL’s survey found that going omnichannel is the new trend, and consumers are planning to use several channels to complete their holiday shopping. The analysis also says that most shoppers will purchase from the physical retail stores, whether they shop from their in-store, buy online and pick up in-store (BOPIS) or online stores.

Most consumers will directly travel to the stores for shopping, and it is more appropriate for the ones with lower-income shoppers. Only 27.5 percent will try to purchase their holiday items from a pure internet retailer. The shoppers with high-income will also buy items from the online stores, whether it is an absolute online store or from the retailers who have physical locations. One-quarter of the shoppers will order online before they pick up their items from the stores. BOPIS is a boon for retailers and is also popular with Gen Z customers as they buy more items.

Consumers Will Use Their Phones Shop In-Store

The consumers will continue to use technology in every phase of their lives. Therefore, it is a known fact that they are more comfortable to use their phones while shopping. Therefore, customers are using their smartphones to enhance their experience of in-store shopping by reading the reviews of products, making payments, and also checking store inventory.   

Self-Gifting Plans increase Retail Holiday Sales

Nowadays, people are practicing more self-love, so it will impact the holiday season as well.

The customers’ enthusiasm to spend on themselves has ensured that holiday sales will increase, and the retailers will also have a happy holiday season.

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