Zebra Technologies Launches SmartSight to Ease Store Operations

Zebra Technologies Launches SmartSight to Ease Store Operations

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Monday, March 16, 2020

Robert Armstrong, Vice President of Portfolio Marketing

SmartSight autonomously scans the shelves and generates different tasks for store workers to refill the trays, as well as, update the prices in a well-organized way, and to lessen the risks of going out-of-stock.

FREMONT, CA: Recently, Zebra Technologies Corp. launched an intelligent automation solution, SmartSight, which is built to enhance the front-of-store operations at huge merchants, supermarkets, grocers, and hypermarkets. The newly introduced tool leverages the computer vision, machine learning, workflow automation, and robotic abilities of the EMA50 enterprise mobile automation system of Zebra Technologies to discover out-of-stock conditions, pricing variations, and planogram troubles on the shelf.

“Retailers are increasing their investments in innovative technologies to help them thrive in today’s on-demand economy, underpinned not only by heightened customer expectations and escalating e-commerce pressures but also a challenged labor market. Zebra SmartSight is the industry’s first subscription-based retail automation solution that actually puts shelf data to work by directly prescribing corrective actions to store associates in near real-time, so they can improve front-of-store operations and enhance the shopper experience at mass merchants, grocers, and supermarkets/hypermarkets,” quoted Rob Armstrong, the Vice-President of Portfolio Marketing in Zebra Technologies.

Close to half, 43 percent, of retail associates, mentioned customer grievances regarding the out-of-stocks as their major setback in the Global Shopper Study held by Zebra. Moreover, 39 percent of shoppers have left stores due to this issue, and nearly 25 percent did not complete their purchase as the in-store price did not match the price reflecting on the online platform.

Armstrong, who takes care of the go-to-market strategy and downstream marketing execution for the entire Zebra technologies portfolio, also added that “SmartSight and the EMA50 enterprise mobile automation system can accurately identify out-of-stock inventory, price management and planogram compliance issues. Only SmartSight can directly assign specific, prioritized tasks to store associates’ mobile computers to reduce the time front-line workers spend monitoring the status of shelves, decrease the occurrence and duration of these shelf issues, and increase the availability of staff in the store to interact directly with shoppers. By freeing workers from having to manually search for these shelf conditions, retailers can reassign an average of 65 labor hours per store per week to higher-value assignments that directly enhance the shopper experience.”

Nevertheless, the solution comprises of EMA50 mobile automation system, retail automation software platform, and both professional, as well as managed services. Besides, SmartSight can be included in the existing retail operations, along with buy online/pick up in-store (BOPIS) and buy online/deliver from store workflows.

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