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NextOrbit: Enhanced Shopper Experience by Mitigating Out-of-Stock

Kishore Rajgopal, Founder & CEO, Mayank Shende, Co-founder and Data Scientist,NextOrbit

INTURN: Redefining Excess Inventory Management

INTURN: Redefining Excess Inventory...

Ronen Lazar, CEO and Co-Founder,INTURN

The Key to the 360-Degree Customer View: Buyer Personas

The Key to the 360-Degree Customer...

Greg Petro, President and CEO, First Insight

Customize and Communicate-Two Key Element to Success for Retailers

Customize and Communicate-Two Key...

Charlie Cole, Chief Digital Officer, VP, TUMI

Appetize Technology: Presenting an In-Seat Catering Experience

Appetize Technology: Presenting an...

Max Roper, CEO & CTO,Appetize Technology

CrossCom: Predictive Analytics for Optimal Maintenance

CrossCom: Predictive Analytics for...

Greg Miller, President & CEO,CrossCom