AI-Powered Shopping Cart to Assist Shoppers

AI-Powered Shopping Cart to Assist Shoppers

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Monday, April 01, 2019

Shopping CartCaper labs has developed a solution that has a built-in scanning and payment terminal in a shopping cart. The device on the cart has a small touch screen that helps businesses to advertise promotions. The cart’s function at this point is similar to a barcode reader, but the company is looking to improving the capabilities to give a flawless experience as it is expected to add a weight sensor and image recognition cameras that will be pre-built in the cart. The requirement for cashiers can be reduced if this technology is implemented.

The cart can recommend purchases based on the items already in the cart, and the cart can suggest items that are available nearby. The built-in tablet will help you navigate through the store and reduces the searching time for each product. The main idea of the concept is to save shoppers time as the current generation looks for a better shopping experience and time-saving activities. The cart cuts down drastically the need for the customer to look around for products and help them to locate it using the tablet in the cart quickly. The frustrating part of shopping is standing in a queue for a long time to check-out; this will be eliminated in case of this cart that has self-service checkouts. It is powered by computer vision and deep learning that can quickly detect the items that enter the cart. Consumers can load their cart and leave, and such is the convenience of the cart.

The technology doesn’t require the user to download any apps; it just scans the items when they are put in the cart. Payments can be directly made in the cart itself with credit cards. Deep learning improves the experience with every use, and the fused sensors in the cart will verify every product that goes inside the cart. Scanless image recognition for customers will be allowed as the algorithm used is continuously refined. Caper is rapidly growing in automation technology, with the pilots already launched and the massively increasing consumer base, the company will continue to build a more seamless system.

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