How are AI-Powered BOTs Contributing to Provide an Ideal Customer...

How are AI-Powered BOTs Contributing to Provide an Ideal Customer Experience?

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Thursday, February 13, 2020

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made a massive impact across every industry, and retail is no exception; AI is making the role more efficient and effective.

FREMONT, CA: The AI-powered BOTs are transforming online experience; they are the driving force behind improved user experience in every industry from finance, to healthcare, and in every area of retail imaginable. BOTs can carry out all the work quickly, so online companies use a wide array of BOTs to better the customer experience. The Customer AssistBOTs can handle FACs, set up appointments with an agent online or in-person, help after-hour visitors, and help with minor tasks like PIN change. Agent AssistBOTs provides busy agents with crucial customer knowledge to ensure that the customer has a seamless experience. Proactive NudgeBOTs primarily ‘greet,’ ‘meet,’ or ‘complete’ a process as well as generate qualified leads, help the customers to take needs-based decisions, provide risk-reduction on high-value purchases, and prevent late-stage abandonment.

Although AI-powered BOT technology showcased a lot of potential value, it can provide the online customer experiences, and organizations must consider potential pitfalls and misconceptions which have the capability to damage the customer experience or derail efforts to deliver superlative service and build customer loyalty.

Ideal user experience can be built by businesses to give to the visitors by avoiding the pitfalls by embracing AI-powered ChatBOTs. Organizations need to deploy ChatBOTs according to the requirements of their customers; an effective BOT will boost the customer journey with the help of data and analytics, which allows it to understand the customer. BOTs and the live agents need to have the capability to co-browse so that the customers can get a guided tour of information or the products they are interested in. Being able to transfer a qualified customer to a live agent who can handle complicated issues is the key element to keep in mind.

The BOT technology is already spreading like wildfire across the internet, and BOTs of various varieties already have an impact on the customer experience.

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