How Brick-and-Mortar Shops Increase their Sales with the Latest...

How Brick-and-Mortar Shops Increase their Sales with the Latest Retail Trends?

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Friday, July 10, 2020

The brick-and-mortar stores can increase their sales by simplifying the process and applying technologies that can make shopping easier.

FREMONT, CA: With all the latest technologies, it can be a great time to operate brick-and-mortar stores if the brand is willing to invest in innovations. There can be hype about online shopping, and the millennials can purchase more from online, but if the shop owner applies the same technology in their in-store, the customers will get attracted to it. The technology that permits BOT delivery and voice-command shopping can also be applicable for the experimental in-store experiences.

The retailers get access to a massive amount of data about the customers and the process in which they shop. They can use the analytics to influence everything starting from supply chain analysis and operational analytics to physical store layout, order management, e-Commerce optimization, and many more.

The shop owners who are prepared to make these changes and make their stores more technology prone then it can quickly bring new customers to their door. However, while following the trends, they need to follow some steps.

Offer Genuine Experience

The online retailers cannot replicate the experience that a person gets from brick-and-mortar shops because here, the customers can touch and see the product before purchasing it. Moreover, the customers visiting a store do not only experience the products, but they can also make connections with several people who know brands hence increasing the chance of them buying it.

The Store Must be a Part of the Local Community

The brick-and-mortar must stay in sync with the community where they are doing business. To look like the community, the retailers can change their architecture, hire local artists to paint or can also sponsor the sports team, and fundraiser over there. If the shop owners mingle with the local characters, they can also meat many other influential members of the community through which they increase their business.

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