How Technology is Making the Fashion Industry Customer-Oriented

How Technology is Making the Fashion Industry Customer-Oriented

By: Retail CIO Outlook | Monday, June 29, 2020

The fashion industry is developing its process of sales and making it more customer-oriented with the help of the latest technologies.

FREMONT, CA: Technology has improved the customer experience to a large extent as they focus more on customer satisfaction. The well-known fashion houses are coming up with various styles that will allow them to use blending analytical technologies and retail analytics. Here are a few analytics trends that are becoming popular in the fashion industry.

Digital Marketing and Social Media Analytics

Today, the market for advertising and branding is increasing rapidly, and the expenses for digital retail analytics have expanded. However, with the increasing demand from online and offline customers, social media, and internet advertising on mobile will keep growing and evolving. The technology has also increased the power of the consumers' brand to influence and allow online customers to manipulate brand value and image. Top 10 Fashion Technology Solution Companies - 2020

The Future Trend in Fashion Industry

In fashion, predictive analytics allows retailers to gather fashion trends and sales information from a wide range of sources worldwide because of retail sites, blogs covering trends, social media, and designer runway reports. They can get real-time information about men's appeal, skincare, beauty and accessories, women's appeal, and kid's appeal.

Apart from combining both the internal and external data sources for the growth of businesses, now people can even achieve more content from data that will directly offer their better information so that they can make accurate decisions.

Cross-Selling and Up-selling

It has become easy for the industries to use affordable technologies of retail analytics due to the development of technology and the stream of data available. These retail analytics can be utilized for evaluating massive amounts of customer data, identify the patterns, and personalize their offers for their targeted consumers. The technique will also help them to be ahead of the competition in the market.

Strategic customer segmentation will permit the business to apply a compatible marketing strategy that will cover every concept. Moreover, when the companies can make even smarter and relevant decisions if they start to understand their customers' demand, identify fashion trends, customer's attitudes, and purchase behavior with the help of fashion analytics.

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